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All classes are designed to be taught in 90 minutes. Some may be available to be adapted for shorter class-blocks upon request. 

Fucking With Gender
Class Type: Lecture and Discussion
Let’s be real, gender is a complex and multifaceted construct. There are so many aspects from gender identity, to gender presentation, and gender expression, before we even get into the societal contributions and gender roles and expectations. This class focuses on the many diverse ways you can play with gender in kink. Whether you are hoping to explore alternative presentations, affirm someone’s identity, embarrass them, or play with darker things like gender dysphoria, this discussion-based class explores the many facets of gender play and discusses negotiation considerations, strategies for fucking with gender in your play. 

Invisible Bruises: Emotional First Aid 
Class Type: Lecture, Discussion, and Demonstration
When considering risk profiles and preparedness people often consider the physical risks of their play; less time goes into the emotional risks of play. Sometimes we have done everything “right” and yet a person is somehow triggered by something unexpected or drops hard (be they a top or a bottom). This workshop focuses on strategies for preparing in advance for negative emotional outcomes (expected or unexpected) and will walk through practical skills for managing distress. Skills learned in this class can be applied to yourself or your partners and loved ones. (Carter holds an MS in Clinical Psychology). 

Kill ‘Em With Kindness: Scenes of Affirmation
Class Type: Discussion and Demonstration
We often talk about playing with degradation but spend less time talking about the opposite. What exactly is a scene of affirmation and what does affirmation look like in play? In this class, we discuss motivations for playing with kindness and empowerment and strategies for creating affirming experiences. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore the themes and concepts discussed through demonstrations and exercises throughout the class. 

It Goes Both Ways: Serving and Being Served in a Fulfilling Way
Class Type: Discussion
Spend enough time in kink circles and you will hear the word service. But what really is service? In this class, Carter discusses the many forms that service can take, as well as strategies for discovering and growing your service skill set. Additionally, Carter discusses strategies for negotiating service dynamics, be they long term or temporary, and considerations for humans providing service to get what they need out of the exchange. This class is designed for both givers and receivers of service, as service is a two-way street, and those receiving service play a large role in the interaction. 

This sucks, why am I turned on?! Suffering Fetish
Class Type: Discussion and Demonstration
Have you ever felt like “masochist” as a label just didn’t quite resonate with you, despite playing with pain? Or you’ve been aroused by doing that one thing you hate for a partner and just couldn’t find the words for why. Then maybe your fetish is for suffering. Suffering can include more than just pain play, maybe you really hate being forced to stand still, or use self-degrading language, or folding laundry. In this class, Carter discusses various types of suffering, negotiation, aftercare, and exploring your boundaries with this type of play. Let’s talk about navigating through what can be painful, nasty, bitter, miserable, and ultimately, incredibly hot.

Beyond the What: Play with Intention
Class Type: Discussion and Demonstration
People play for a variety of reasons beyond the physicality of the act; oftentimes, we are looking to enter a specific headspace and sense a particular emotion: playfulness, catharsis, distraction, or something else altogether.  While negotiating scenes typically includes a discussion of the physical acts we want to experience, (e.g.flogging, caning, rough body play,) people tend to focus less on the tone or mood they wish to experience, which can be just as important. This class is designed to encourage you to think beyond the actions that may happen in a scene and including consideration for the atmosphere and tone of the scene. Carter will discuss ways to set scenes to help create a specific tone, demonstrate what these things might look like, and give everyone in the class the opportunity to practice. Participation is highly encouraged in this class.

Better Submission Through Science: The Psychology of Behavior Modification
Class Type: Lecture and Discussion
Have you ever wanted to change your partner’s behavior in some way but did not know the best way to approach it? In this class, utilizes his academic training in psychology to adapt well-researched principles of behavior modification to kink applications. From classical conditioning to methods and schedules of reinforcement, this class discusses effective techniques for getting your desired responses as well as concrete strategies for developing effective systems to change and shape behavior.

Joint Classes

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