Carter Brûlée

Carter Brûlée and Kinkerbelle

Carter offers some classes that are co-taught with  Kinkerbelle (they/them). These classes were developed in collaboration with Kinkerbelle and they are designed to be taught together. 

These classes are only available when both Carter and Kinkerbelle are available to teach. If you are interested in one of our joint classes, please contact me about scheduling and availability!

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Get Switchy With It: Navigating play dynamics as a switch
Class Type: Discussion and Demonstration
Two switches walk into a dungeon, neither knows who’s in charge so they wind up awkwardly staring at each other, before leaving, going home, and masturbating out of frustration while quietly weeping. Don’t let this happen to you! Learn how to navigate through an experience when there aren’t rigid power dynamics involved!

Dynamics in kink are often thought of as bottom and top, dominant and submissive, sadist and masochist. But what happens when both partners are switches? How do you establish a relationship dynamic when both partners want to play multiple roles? How do you set scenes and have play that fulfills each person? How do you negotiate and set boundaries around role switching? Part of the fun of switching for many is fluidity, but fluidity can sometimes complicate our dynamics in play. This workshop focuses on creating dynamics and navigating play between switches. We will discuss strategies for negotiating dynamics and play as well as role transitions. The class is meant to provide things to think about in your own negotiations and play as well as be a venue to share your ideas with others!

Suffering as Service
Class Type: Discussion and Demonstration
Have you ever felt that “masochist” was not an accurate descriptor for you, despite often times playing with pain, whether it be emotionally or physically? You may be more attracted to or fulfilled by the idea of suffering. Sometimes masochism falls under the umbrella of suffering, but the two are not synonymous. In this class, we explore the idea of suffering in many different forms, and conceptualize suffering as a form of service. We will explore the ideas of suffering as a service for partners as well as for yourself, both in and out of power dynamics. 

Let’s Get Down to Business: Lighthearted Impactful Kink
Class Type: Discussion and Demonstration
Contrary to popular belief kink isn’t always serious business. Join us as we explore incorporating playfulness in your kink. We share not only stories of our own experiences with whimsical and flirtatious play but demonstrations to prove it. We will discuss strategies for crafting lighthearted yet intimate scenes as well as incorporating playfulness into kink-based relationship dynamics. And while participation is never required, we highly encourage it in this class. 

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Taking Down Walls: Vulnerability in Play
Class Type: Discussion 
Vulnerability and communication are sexy and impactful, no matter which side of the slash you may fall on. But what exactly does it mean to be vulnerable? How can we take down emotional walls in our play and relationships and create dynamics where others can let down their guard? In this discussion-based class, we share our own experiences with vulnerability and encourage attendees to share as well. We will talk about how to create the space in our play and relationships for the openness and strength it takes to bare it all. We encourage everyone, from both sides of the slash, switches, and those who are willing and want to do the work to come and try to be vulnerable with us.

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